Salaš u Bregu (Salaš means house or cabin, more details here, it can be translated as the Cabin on the hill), it is a private property and is a place where the time is not important anymore. Go hiking on one of the endless trails, be surrounded by the wonder of nature and connect yourself with her. This is how we see this place, this is our mission and your mission too. Salas u Bregu has been build by my grand grandfather and has been used by family as a, let's call it "summer residence", when they where at work outside of my village Carasova. In former times everything was different as we now know therefore please join us, come to visit us and we will walk you throughout the journey of Salas u Bregu.

Our property

At this moment you can camp only with your tent or your caravan, we are putting our space at your disposal for free.

The 1st building, has been used before as a resting room and as a place where they took a rest and they slept over the night, I think in our times we call it bedroom. In 2019 we built the second part, so we extended it with a second room made out of stone. Now it is still under renovation and it will be turned into a cosy place to host you. It has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a kitchen. There is enough space to host 4 pers. It is a perfect place to host a couple or a young family.

The 2nd building has been used as a barn, has been built out of stone in 1904, almost 120 years ago, the plan is to preserve its structure, to consolidate it and to turn it into a place to host you as well.As this is not really a business it is more to keep the place alive, to promote our beautiful area of  #Carașovaour #croatsinromania community and last but not least to offer to those who love nature a place to spend some time, camp, disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy your time within nature.

The investment is made from private budget therefore the work progress it's moving forward but slowly. We are trying yearly to advance and we are working hard to achieve our objectives. We are putting at your disposal water and if you additionally want a mobile gas generator for electricity, but nowadays is really necessary to test ourselves to see how long we can resist without mobile, laptops etc.

I tried it's really hard, not impossible but pretty cool.

Interaction with guests

The owner of Salas u Bregu is Tincul family. My family spend a lot of their time here, starting with the family of my grand-grandfather, my father and his siblings, me and my brother. We speak Serbo-Croatian, English, German and Romanian and we will do our best to make your stay comfortable.

Other things to note

Salas u Bregu is located next to National Park Semenic- Cheile Carasului, 5 km away from Carasova, 8 km from Resita, 30 km from Valiug and 130 km from Timisoara.

In Carasova you can find almost everything you need. There are a few small Markets where you can buy almost everything what is related to food, etc. If something is not there then in the city of Resita for sure you will find it.

We are staying at your disposal and we are looking forward to meet you.