Call us:

For language ro/hr/sr tap the number:+40 740 614 297

For language en/de/hr/sr tap the number:+43 660 386 51 99


What can you do at our place:

– relax, read books
– hiking, biking or motocross
– camping activities and engaging with nature


Camping and accommodation

- accommodation within Salas

– camp with tent or van

– very good location

Luxury 🙂:

– water only for special needs
– camping toilet

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Sălaș (Salaš în limba Sârbo-Croată, Cehă sau Slovacă) provine din cuvântul maghiar **szállás** și înseamnă “casă, adăpost, cazare” și este un tip tradițional de fermă în regiuna câmpiei Panonice în special în Bačka și Slavonia.

A salaš is typically remote from a town or village.

It consists of a family house, agricultural objects such as barn, stable and granary, surrounded by arable land and pastures.

They were owned and inhabited by a single family, who lived there for generations.

Salaš u Bregu is one of this lucky cases since over 100 years.


It is a place where the time is not important anymore. Go hiking on one of the endless trails, be surrounded by the wonder of nature and connect yourself with her.
Salas u Bregu has been build by my family and has been used as a, let's call it "summer residence", when they where at work outside of my village Carasova.
In former times everything was different as we now know therefore please join us, come to visit us and we will walk you throughout the journey of Salas u Bregu.

Best place for:

– disconnect from everything and everyone (low phone connection)
– spend time with your friends
– lawn Games and Sports
– fun with Food
– play music around campfire
– photography by observing the nature and wild animals around
– barbecue


How can you reach us:

Salaš u Bregu it is located at the 8th km on the road from Resita to Carasova. When you reach at that 8th km, please turn left on the forest road and in 2 minutes you will reach us.


● wood stove
● Firewood available
● own spring water (1 km away)
● Drinking quality water
● Phone connection
● Duvet covers and sheets

Kitchen and living room
● Cooking: (wood stove)
● Fridge (fountain in front of the cabin)
● Cookware and dishes
● Garbage bags


● Barbecue place
● Fountain in front of the cabin
● Garden furniture (table & benches)

● Shower
● Toilet
● Toilet paper
● Towels


● electricity (for special needs only, gas generator)
● running water (for special needs)
● 1 x cool boxes